How to make Chilli Bites

How to make Chilli Bites

If you’ve never tried our chilli bites, what a great opportunity to do so now!

Find the OrderForm link on our latest News Update, and get yourself a packet or two of premixed Chilli Bites.

Pour the content into a mixing bowl with ½ cup (125 ml) water at room temperature for every packet you have (each make about 6 bites) and let stand for ½ hour to rehydrate. Now drop spoonsful of the mixture into hot deep oil and cook until done through.

Be daring and add:  chopped roasted peanuts, shredded iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn off the cob, onions, extra chilli, grated sweet potato.

Enjoy with sweet chilli sauce, tartare sauce (B-well mayo with chopped gherkins and capers), some cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes, together with our BEETROOT CHUTNEY (from the same list).


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