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Damian & The Crocodile

Rural life is truly bliss. Coming from Johannesburg more than 16 years ago to live here in the Middleveld* took enormous conviction and courage, but every time I walk out onto the balcony at treetop level, I can’t help but hear a song in my heart.  Our 10-year old son, ... Read More
14 December 2021Old Joes Kaia


Welcome to The Seedling Plant-based Kitchen! We are so excited about the interest in pursuing plant-based eating, and just as excited about the opportunity to bring you some recipes and new ideas. Thank you for being here, for acknowledging that the world (the planet, the animals and us) need to make some ... Read More
9 October 2021Old Joes Kaia


Welcome to The Seedling Plant-based Kitchen! The interest in plant-based eating and a kinder more healthy lifestyle in general has been increasing rapidly. Many of our guests love the way in which we put things together, as well as how we present it, talk about it and live it. So many ... Read More
1 October 2021Old Joes Kaia


Acacia sieberiana (paperbark thorn) Sad but true... This is a pioneer tree, meaning it provides initial protection for new species establishing themselves underneath its canopy. It dies after a short life of only about 30 years when fungi starts parasiting off the trunk. Fortunately the largest Acacia sieberiana tree on the Old Joe’s ... Read More
2 March 2020Old Joes Kaia


Read all about us in the latest glossy, Lowveld Living. What an awesome get together of Lowveld chefs it was with the shoot one morning at Magnolia Restaurant. I met really exciting people and we shared many experiences we've each had in our own kitchens.    
24 October 2018Old Joes Kaia



Legumes on a Budget

Discover the amazing benefits and creative applications of legumes as part of your meal plan, while staying super cost effective! We are blessed with such a wide variety of legumes available. Once you start exploring each legume's characteristics it becomes a fantastic creative process to implement and use each one for ... Read More
30 August 2018Old Joes Kaia



Thulare Bunnies

Each one a special toy... Old Joe's Kaia became involved in supporting the Thulare Missions with the installation of a dehydrator to process donated food. Read about Dryers For Africa in Lydenburg. Subsequently we have seen the efforts and upliftment happening in these poor communities and the Bunnies is just one such ... Read More
27 August 2018Old Joes Kaia


Our ONLINE INVITATION runs until Wednesday 20 June 2018 and is super easy to implement – simply type ‘Online Invitation’ in the coupon code box at checkout and get R50 off your cart minimum of R500! This is a special discounted rate to give you the opportunity to try delicious ... Read More
19 June 2018Old Joes Kaia


Dryers For Africa has generously donated the use of a dehydrator to a charity organisation in Lydenburg. The Seedling @ Old Joe's Kaia was contacted by Hester van Zijl of Thulare Missions (Section 18A) in Lydenburg a while ago regarding dehydrated meals. This charity organisation cares for the destitute, unemployed, less advantaged ... Read More
13 June 2018Old Joes Kaia


Yesterday some of us said our final goodbyes to our friend, Liesl during a beautiful memorial service. An abundance of flowers, burning incense, wind chimes, and farewell notes suspended like prayer flags, champagne, love and laughter in bright colours… a day we will not easily forget. So whereto from here? Liesl’s passing has ... Read More
25 February 2018Old Joes Kaia