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SHU SHU-Stirfry

This must be the best stirfry ever! A Shu Shu heart is the core of the gourd - the actual 'seed'. It has a completely different flavour and texture to the rest of the fruit. On its own it is delicious - raw or fried in a little olive or mild sesame ... Read More
12 April 2022Old Joes Kaia



SHU SHU-Chutney

...for added alchemy on your plate!  We're yet to come across a diner who does not enjoy the freedom of playing with various tastes and flavours offered on the table. Some are already plated as part of the meal, while others are offered separately to the adventurers and alchemists of food ... Read More
10 April 2022Old Joes Kaia


SHU SHU (also known as Chayote - Sechium edule) is from the gourd family and originated in Mexico. We have had numerous harvests from our SHU SHU VINE. It died back completely last winter when we had black frost for the first time, but it jumped back almost immediately – tenacious ... Read More
8 April 2022Old Joes Kaia


Welcome to The Seedling Plant-based Kitchen! We are so excited about the interest in pursuing plant-based eating, and just as excited about the opportunity to bring you some recipes and new ideas. Thank you for being here, for acknowledging that the world (the planet, the animals and us) need to make some ... Read More
9 October 2021Old Joes Kaia


Welcome to The Seedling Plant-based Kitchen! The interest in plant-based eating and a kinder more healthy lifestyle in general has been increasing rapidly. Many of our guests love the way in which we put things together, as well as how we present it, talk about it and live it. So many ... Read More
1 October 2021Old Joes Kaia


YES! - these are truly good for you... and for the family! I hope you can find Nova chocolate nearby, because apart from the fact that it is one of the most delicious chocolates made locally, it is also sugar-free and diabetic-friendly. How awesome is that! How to get the typical flat-gooey-compact ... Read More
26 April 2020Old Joes Kaia


Preparing Pulses (dry legumes – chickpeas, beans, lentils, peas) The role of non-nutrients - the reason why so many people don’t eat pulses The outer skin of seeds (i.e. pulses, nuts and other seeds) contain non-nutrients such as saponins, lectins and phytates that are deterrents for animals, insects and humans ... Read More
6 April 2020Old Joes Kaia


Our One-Pot-One-Portion dehydrated meals have become such a standby... ...for so many of our customers - busy moms, lazy cooks, backpackers, campers, bachelors and serious foodies alike. Simply shake the dehydrated content of the packet into a small pot, pour over 1 cup boiling water and stand for ½ hour with a ... Read More
6 July 2018Old Joes Kaia