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He is the sunshine in our lives, the carer who keeps the peace between the cats, the most compassionate soul we know... Read his full story! ... AND get the best COLESLAW recipe!
1 December 2023Old Joes Kaia



SHU SHU-Stirfry

This must be the best stirfry ever! A Shu Shu heart is the core of the gourd - the actual 'seed'. It has a completely different flavour and texture to the rest of the fruit. On its own it is delicious - raw or fried in a little olive or mild sesame ... Read More
12 April 2022Old Joes Kaia



SHU SHU-Chutney

...for added alchemy on your plate!  We're yet to come across a diner who does not enjoy the freedom of playing with various tastes and flavours offered on the table. Some are already plated as part of the meal, while others are offered separately to the adventurers and alchemists of food ... Read More
10 April 2022Old Joes Kaia


SHU SHU (also known as Chayote - Sechium edule) is from the gourd family and originated in Mexico. We have had numerous harvests from our SHU SHU VINE. It died back completely last winter when we had black frost for the first time, but it jumped back almost immediately – tenacious ... Read More
8 April 2022Old Joes Kaia




It’s Frangipani time at Old Joe's Kaia !! ... and the gifts on the ground as I walk to open up the main building in the mornings are just so generous and welcoming. The flowers fall graciously from very high, hardly ever on their faces, and spread out proudly to display ... Read More
28 January 2021Old Joes Kaia



Which SALT to use?

Gourmet chefs are pondering this question for very different reasons than environmentalists, yet waking up to the sustainability of the salts they are using. The value of salt cannot be underestimated, as we know through what lengths cultures have gone to obtain this seemingly obvious commodity in our kitchens. (The video ... Read More
2 September 2018Old Joes Kaia


Our One-Pot-One-Portion dehydrated meals have become such a standby... ...for so many of our customers - busy moms, lazy cooks, backpackers, campers, bachelors and serious foodies alike. Simply shake the dehydrated content of the packet into a small pot, pour over 1 cup boiling water and stand for ½ hour with a ... Read More
6 July 2018Old Joes Kaia


Why do we believe soya beans are bad for us? The Asian and Eastern nations have proven over thousands of years that the soy bean as a staple protein is extremely efficient and healthy - their general wellness, which far outweighs that of western societies, is enough proof of that. Dishes ... Read More
29 May 2018Old Joes Kaia


Avocado Ice Cream is probably The Seedlings most famous cold dessert! Many tourist guides brought their international clients for lunches, arranging for avocado Ice Cream as dessert beforehand. Many repeat guests requested this at odd hours, and so we have decided to share it with may more. In a small pot ... Read More
27 May 2018Old Joes Kaia


...because once you've found it, tasted it, memorised it, it will never let you go! In every simple meal, grand celebration, restaurant dinner, you'll be looking for it, expecting the thrill and pure bliss of palette ecstasy. UMAMI was identified as the fifth taste which is savoury (after sweet, sour, salt and ... Read More
20 May 2018Old Joes Kaia