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“So what does the full moon have to do with my food?” you may ask. Everything we do is affected by the moon, including how we germinate, plant, harvest and prepare every plant we eat. The full moon shakes up our energy levels, it brings the unknown to the surface, it stirs ... Read More
27 November 2023Old Joes Kaia



New Moon Cookies

Dark and thought provoking, these are real treats you should make every time it is New Moon! Working with the moon is really 'a thing'! Plants grow better when germinated or transplanted  according to the most optimal phase, the sea responds with high and low tide and so many other cycles ... Read More
13 November 2023Old Joes Kaia




This is a delicious way to eat mealie meal in another traditional way. The recipe is versatile once you know it and can play with variations, such as adding potatoes, sundried tomatoes, etc. Find the recipe for UMFINO Get your non-GMO Mealie Meal in our ONLINE SHOP.
4 September 2023Old Joes Kaia



Gluten-free Bread

This is a tried and tested recipe - a delicious bread with a lot of flavour! Freezes well, so slice and use as is needed without thawing the whole bread. Print the GLUTEN-FREE BREAD RECIPE. Many cooks question the fact that we use both yeast and baking powder. We agree that it is ... Read More
3 September 2023Old Joes Kaia



Vegetable Cakes

An easy and quick solution for sooooooo many things! Use the Magic Flour Mix to make thin pancakes, flapjacks or blinis, lacy cakes, batter for deep-fry, binding anything! A special note from Marian. Vegetable Cake RECIPE and bottle sticker For EACH Vegetable cake prepare the following: (Calculate each value with the amount of cakes you ... Read More
11 June 2023Old Joes Kaia


A delicious ONE-POT dish which is cheap, quick and easy to make! This is also a very good recipe to get your family used to eating spices. Introduce these slowly without adding heat (curry powder or fresh chillies). You can always put the 'heat' separately on the table for those who ... Read More
3 June 2023Old Joes Kaia


Making these little pies are SUPER EASY! Using a 12-hole muffin pan will yield enough mini pies for 4 people. Hereby a short message from Marian Give us your feedback, please - where you can post your comments and photos. Or contact us if you need help - What you need: CRUST - ... Read More
27 May 2023Old Joes Kaia



Chickpea Pancake

This simple recipe is a firm favourite in our kitchen. We use it as the base for so many delicious savoury fillings. Find Chickpea Flour at Dischem, Health Shops or your local Indian dealer (ask for Chana Flour). Flax Meal can also be obtained from Dischem or Health Shops. Printable Recipe
16 March 2023Old Joes Kaia


A new twist on an old favourite! We love making this Tabbouleh for lunch on hot days. It is also a great variation on the traditional recipe, as we love to experiment and strive for that perfect umami click and rolled eyes. Using quinoa and buckwheat are both very nutrient dense ... Read More
10 September 2022Old Joes Kaia


This is a firm lunchtime favourite as a main dish with a salad on the side, or as a starch for dinner with some bean fritters and chunky warm tomato salsa and roast vegetables. Download Butternut & Millet Pie_Recipe. You can find Millet here. MILLET A gluten-free grain Mostly grown in India and ... Read More
12 August 2022Old Joes Kaia