Cooking With The Sun

Cooking With The Sun

Here at THE SEEDLING restaurant we are constantly striving and exploring new and alternative ways of cooking and presenting our food.

Crosby and Mashca from SunFire Solutions stayed a while and we had ample time to play with their stunning product in the sun! Please have a look at their website for more amazing products and settings of where their travels have taken them.

The stir-fry we flashed in the pan was deliciously full of energy and positive vibes! We started off by steaming the ‘harder’ veggies with a splash of water and a closed lid, thereafter removing the lid, adding a bit of oil and the rest of the spices and  ingredients. Lastly we  stirred through a tin of coconut cream and some parboiled rice noodles – delicious!

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking at Old Joe’s Kaia.

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